Today, home laundry will change. Forever.

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to your favorite t-shirt looking like new.

Revolutionary cleaning for the home.

Reusable, Recyclable and safe, XOrbs™ gently clean and protect clothes using less water and chemicals. They mix into the XDrum™ at the start of the wash and gently remove dirt, stains, and protect your clothing like tiny little hands. When the wash cycle is completed, the XOrbs automatically go back inside the XDrum, and are ready to be used again for your next wash.

Powerful yet gentle cleaning action

Clothes look newer for longer

Reusable and recyclable

Transforming laundry day forever.

The XDrum saves water and clothes by bringing the latest science and technology to home laundry. The XDrum is a simple and inexpensive system which enables manufacturers to incorporate the XOrb technology into their domestic washing machine designs.

Compatible with conventional washers

Uses less water

Gentle on your clothes

Protecting our planet from microfibres.

Every time clothes are washed hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces of plastic called microfibres are flushed down the drain. It’s thought they account for a significant amount of the plastic pollution in the ocean. Xfiltra™ prevents microfibers from entering the food chain using revolutionary filtration technology that features a clever and elegant design for easy cleaning and hassle free maintenance.

Helps protect our oceans from harmful microfibers

Maintenance-free design

Easy to use

Three technologies working together in One solution.

Together, XOrbs, XDrum and XFiltra revolutionize the way we wash our laundry. Giving cleaner, longer lasting clothes for less, while at the same time helping save precious water and lowering our environmental impact.

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